When bringing a new employee on board, you only want to find job candidates who are truly qualified and the right fit for your company. You don’t want to have to sift through an endless pile of resumes and filter through unqualified candidates. Here’s how to write an effective job posting so you can expedite the hiring process and attract the people you want.

See What Competitors are Doing

If you have limited experience with writing job postings, you can get some ideas by checking ads from three or more other competitors within your industry. Pay attention to the job duties they list, keywords they use and the overall structure of their postings. Some job boards to check out are Monster.com and Indeed.com.

Be Specific

When creating your job posting, it’s important that you’re as specific as possible with what you expect from a new hire. You should clearly state if you’re looking for a certain level of education and a particular major. If you want someone with at least three years of experience, then that should be included as well. When it comes to an employee’s responsibilities, you should make a clear outline of what they can expect.

Being specific should weed out the bulk of unqualified candidates and narrow it down to a smaller list of individuals with the necessary skill set that you’re looking for. Another little trick is to say that only candidates who include a certain word in the subject line will be considered. This will ensure that you only receive responses from people who have carefully read through your job posting.

Point Out What’s Unique About Your Company

If there’s something special about your company, it may persuade a desirable candidate to join your company rather than a competitor’s. You can often find top-tier talent by asking yourself, “Why would a job candidate want to work for my company?” This should help you come up with some key points that distinguishes your business from competitors, which you can highlight in your job posting.

Use Sub-headers and Bullet Points

Job seekers may browse through dozens of job postings and don’t usually want to read through paragraph after paragraph of long-winded information. That’s why it’s smart to break down your posting in a way that’s neatly organized and information can be easily digested. A simple way to do this is by incorporating sub-headers and bullet points so qualified candidates can quickly navigate their way through the posting.

Highlight Company Culture

Not only do you want someone with the right knowledge and skillset, you want someone who will fit in. Every company has it’s own distinct culture, and it’s important to attract candidates that mesh with that culture. Accordingly, you should be clear about your company philosophy, working style, etc.

By following a few guidelines, you can craft a job posting that gets a response from the type of people you’re looking for and reduce the number of responses you get from the people you don’t. This should save you time and help you find the perfect fit. To learn more about staffing solutions and streamline the hiring process, please visit us at FlexiCorps.