These days many people are turning to social media for the job hunt.  They aren’t just looking for a job, they are using social media to find out about the company’s brand, culture and work environment to see if they’re a good fit.

Likewise, social media can help you connect with potential hiring managers more quickly and more easily. It also allows you to market your skills in a targeted manner, helping you show those companies you’re a suitable fit.

While social media is an incredible job search tool, don’t hide behind your computer screen, tablet or smart phone! You’ll need to make some phone calls and interview with actual people to really see if it’s a good match.

Look at social media as just one of several tools in your job search. You also should contact staffing agencies about positions, approach companies in which you’re interested and network with people in your field.

Here are some tips on how to use social media in your job hunt:

  • Google yourself. What comes up? Is it positive, or is that selfie of you on spring break in Mexico on display? Be sure to clean up your own pages and block people who are not your friends. If you find negative or disreputable information and pictures when you search your name, untag yourself and ask friends to remove that information.
  • Set up a LinkedIn profile and spend some time crafting your profile. Most recruiters are using social media to find/connect with talent.  Make sure you upload a professional-looking profile picture.  Also, check with former co-workers, vendors and supervisors to write recommendations. Hiring Managers now turn to social media to see more about you and recommendations exchanged face-to-face pack more punch.
  • Approach companies in your field directly. LinkedIn is a great tool for this. Search for companies and then try to connect with people there, or see how you might already be connected through a second or third connection. Your title can even say, Dedicated Marketing Professional Seeking Employment, but do not ask for a job.

While you look for a job on your own, be sure to contact FlexiCorps.  We’re one of the premier staffing firms in the Chicago suburbs, Tampa Bay, Detroit & now Dallas and we specialize in direct hire and long-term-temporary assignments that can turn into direct hires.

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