Employment Consulting Services

Every business wants to get the best possible return-on-investment from its labor costs. Through our employment consulting services, FlexiCorps can help your business use its workforce more efficiently.

Our employment consulting services are available to our temporary staffing clients or as a standalone offering. What we deliver is a cost-effective plan to optimize the utilization of your flexible workforce today – and continually improve its efficiency moving forward.

Our plan includes pointed recommendations on how to reduce your staff numbers to the ideal levels. We also provide guidance on important topics such as wage/benefit analysis and staying current with state and federal labor laws.

As a staffing firm that has served hundreds of employers throughout the U.S., we have gained valuable experience on what to do (and what not to do) to enhance workforce productivity. Our team of seasoned HR veterans has seen it all and can help you implement the best practices within your business.

For more information about FlexiCorps’ employment consulting services, please email us or call us at 877-455-FLEX.