Refer a Friend

When someone you refer completes their first 90 DAYS with one of our clients, you will
receive a bonus of $50-$200 for your referral, depending on the type of position.

Print our Referral Form to submit at one of our office locations, or fill out the form below.

Referral bonuses are paid only for referrals who are not already in the FlexiCorps database. Referral amounts will be determined by FlexiCorps management and are determined by the type of position. You must be an employee of FlexiCorps, an employee of our client (managers/supervisors are excluded) or in our database to participate in this program. This form must be completed and turned into a FlexiCorps representative prior to the referral contacting us. FlexiCorps does not guarantee employment to any individual and reserves the right to change these program rules at any time.