Temporary Placement FAQs

Here are some details you might like to know about temporary placement through FlexiCorps . If you have any questions not answered here, we welcome you to call 877-455-FLEX or email us.

What types of temporary positions does FlexiCorps make available?

We match job seekers with a variety of opportunities in the clerical/administrative, industrial and technical fields (technical jobs are a specialty of ours). For a list of specific positions, please see our Job Openings.

How long is the average temporary assignment?

FlexiCorps never lists positions that last only a few days or weeks. We match job seekers with long-term temporary, temporary-to-hire opportunities or direct placement opportunities.

What types of rates does FlexiCorps pay?

We work hard with our employers to provide competitive wages or salaries for the positions we offer. Positions at a variety of pay levels are available, depending on the qualifications and background of the job seeker.

What skills will I need for the average temporary placement?

Just as we have positions at a variety of pay levels, we have positions for all sorts of skill sets. If you’re not sure where you fit in with your skills, please contact FlexiCorps to learn more.

What’s your geographical coverage?

Most of our positions are in Chicago IL, Tampa Bay FL, El Paso TX and Detroit MI.  Our sister agency, Lone Pine Staffing, also has position in Dallas TX.