Believe it or not, despite such a large applicant pool, there are plenty of jobs out there that are hard to fill. In particular, those that are looking to hire for civil engineering, sales, IT, accounting and finance or any skilled trade have a tough time finding the right candidates.

These five areas have proven to be the hardest to fill time and time again. So how exactly do you fill them?

Partner with agencies who specialize in these fields.

You already know that finding someone qualified for these positions is tough and time consuming, so why not delegate it to the experts?

Certain agencies are dedicated to finding candidates for specific industry-related jobs, which means they already have an extensive candidate pool of vetted, qualified candidates who are ready to take on a new position. This process can save you not only the time of digging and reading through piles of resumes, but also the cost of making – or even replacing – an unqualified or otherwise unfit candidate.

While it may seem like an extra cost, the reality is that agencies can save you a lot of time and money. What often happens with tough, industry-specific positions is that the candidate takes a very long time to find, or is hastily hired and doesn’t last past the six-month mark. At that point you’ve not only wasted time, you’ve also wasted money in on-boarding, training and a salary. That is much more expensive than partnering up with an agency.

Review the job description.

Sometimes it’s not that a job is hard to fill, but the way it is advertised doesn’t make it appealing to candidates. Whether the post goes into too much detail about expectation, policies, or procedures, or just doesn’t “sell” the position to candidates, there are many ways it could be turning candidates away from submitting their application.

Review the job description and see if maybe you need to bring it down a notch to make it more realistic.

Consider posting in industry-specific job boards.

Avoid the “one size fits all” job boards and instead start focusing on industry-specific job boards. Even smaller job boards have dedicated followings, and smart candidates know that they have a better shot getting a job if they are strategic.

You may also want to consider asking associations where candidates have to pay a fee to join. They often have job boards, and since candidates pay dues, there’s a good chance that they are serious about their careers and ready to commit to your organization.

Consider pre-hire testing.

Many companies utilize pre-hire testing as a way to narrow their candidate pool. Essentially, if your problem is finding the right candidate, then you may want to consider testing all candidates interested in the position as a part of the hiring process.

Pre-hire tests are used a lot in recruiting and many companies say they save time and headaches down the road because it decreases the chances of hiring the wrong person. These tests can include having a candidate answer a series of questions when applying or human resources assessments like Caliper, Wonderlic or Cultural Index. There are also other tests available depending on what skills you are looking for.

Staffing agencies are also willing to take candidate testing off your hands so you can focus on other things.

While some jobs may be tough to fill, by taking the right precautions you’ll increase your chances of finding the right candidate. Whether you’re a client looking for premier talent, or a candidate looking for a new career opportunity, FlexiCorps can help. Contact us today to see how we can help you meet your goals.