Heading into 2016, the workplace is seeing some definite trends and areas of change. Here are just a few of the trends to watch for in the coming year.

  1. Generation Z enters the workforce. Just as employers are beginning to understand ways to attract members of Generation Y, a new generation of workers is approaching. Generation Z, defined as those born between 1994 and 2010, are beginning to graduate college and make their way into the work place. They will be prime targets also for companies looking to recruit high schoolers and college students into internship opportunities. Getting individuals into the fold in high school or college helps to attract the best talent and ensure a more skilled workforce.
  1. Generation Y (aka millennials) enters leadership positions. With the baby boom generation increasingly exiting the workforce, there will be more and more vacancies in leadership positions. These positions will be filled by millennials making their way up company ranks. Millennials are expected to make up the largest percentage of the workforce in 2016. They will also increasingly make up a larger portion of managerial positions.
  1. Honesty as a valued leadership trait. The rise of social media has pushed companies to become more open about their practices. This means being transparent about things like salary and other operations. It also means placing a premium on honesty when looking to hire new employees and managers.
  1. Growing skills gap. This has been an issue in hiring for a while, and will continue to grow. More and more people are graduating college with liberal arts degrees having not received the training in the kinds of skills necessary for many jobs. This has led an increasing number of companies to hire non-liberal arts majors, and to look for candidates with a more skills-oriented background.
  1. Technology leads to continuous job search. The rise in mobile technology has made it simple for employers and job seekers to connect instantaneously. This has led to more employees changing jobs more steadily, leading to greater retention issues.
  1. The rise of social media and mobile technology. Social media and mobile technology are now and will continue to be ingrained in the hiring process. Employers will use social media to connect and screen potential candidates, while job seekers will rely on mobile-based programs to search for and apply for jobs.

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