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Teamwork among employees is important for creating a positive company culture and for establishing trust and rapport. The long-term impact is often an efficiently run workplace and a high level of productivity. Here are three team building exercises that should strengthen relationships and improve teamwork without boring your staff in the process.

1) Back-to-Back Drawing

This is a simple activity that only requires a picture of a simple image, a pen and some paper. Break your staff into pairs and have each pair sit back-to-back. Give one person the picture of a simple image and the other person the pen and paper. It’s the job of the person with the picture to describe the image without the other person seeing it.

The person with the pen and paper must then draw it according to the description they hear. The goal is for the drawing to match the original picture as closely as possible. This exercise is great for enhancing communication and for improving the ability of employees to take instructions. It can also nurture one-on-one relationships.

2) Talking in Circles

This is another simple activity that only requires a long piece of string or rope. Start by tying the string or rope together at the ends so that it forms a circle. Then have your staff members grab it with both hands and hold it at their waist. Now you will need to call out a shape and have everyone work together to form it. It’s usually best to start off simple with a square, triangle and rectangle. Then move on to more difficult shapes like a trapezoid, parallelogram, figure eight, etc.

Once they complete it with their eyes open, you should have them try it again with their eyes closed. After they think they have the shape formed correctly, have them open their eyes to see their progress. Talking in circles is an exercise designed to improve communication and listening skills.

3) Minefield

To play minefield, all you need is some blindfolds and items to serve as the “mines.” This could be something like plastic cups, tennis balls, cones, etc. It works by first setting up a “minefield” where the obstacles are scattered around a field or large indoor space.

Then, break your staff members into pairs. One person will be blindfolded and must navigate their way across the minefield to the other side by strictly using the verbal commands of their partner. The goal is to make it to the other side without hitting any mines. This exercise is ideal for building trust and enhancing communication.

With the right team building exercises, you can get everyone on the same page and hopefully have some fun in the process. To learn more about effective team building and getting the most from your workforce, contact us today.


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