About FlexiCorps

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    The Process

    Job Seekers:  Are you or anyone you know looking for temporary or permanent employment? FlexiCorps offers the best job placement opportunities, including Fortune 500 companies.  Discover The FlexiCorps Advantage. 

     Employers:  Looking to build a flexible and stable workforce? FlexiCorps provides access to temporary and permanent employees with a wide variety of skills. We’ll be happy to show you how flexible staffing can reduce expense and maintain production levels. 

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    Our Services

    FlexiCorps develops personalized HR services offering:

    • Industrial/Technical Staffing
    • Administrative/Professional Employment
    • Nationwide resource for compliance, liability, employment consulting and payroll management
    • An extensive database of qualified pre-screened professionals
    • The highest standards of employee reliability, including guaranteed satisfaction of employee performance
    • HR Outsourcing
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    Our Focus

    FlexiCorps focuses on getting it right.  We recognize that the lowest cost and best performance happens when you put the right person on the right job.

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    Our Vision

    To be a trusted source for recruiting and staffing by providing the highest quality of service, because our commitment is to understand your business needs and find the best people to fill those requirements.